How Cloud Token Works

With the innovative wallet Cloud token, which is based on the 4th generation blockchain technology (1st Gen. Bitcoin, 2nd Gen. Ethereum, 3rd Gen. EOS), remarkable profits are generated by the powerful high-frequency arbitrage bot called Jarvis AI. 

This is intelligent software that makes simultaneous purchases and sales of cryptocurrencies using different prices on different trading platforms. The advantage of this is that, in contrast to conventional trading (e.g. scalping or swing trading), profits are permanently generated without risk.

How to get started

(Very important) – Please save all the details.Examples are mnemonic, 16 digits code, referral code. These are very important for account recovery. Forgetting any of these would mean it unrecoverable and losing your account.


Create Cloud Token Wallet Account

1. Download the application from Google Playstore or Apple Store depending on your phone.

In either way, then the Cloud 2.0 appears like this on your phone.

2. Click on create an account then it will ask you for a referral code. Enter (1621713406). This referral code you can get from your sponsor or introducer.

3. Then after entering the login and payment password, you will get a Mnemonic Phrase in which you get a combination of 12 words you need to save it in a safe place (It will be used at the time of recovery of password).

4. On the next step, you need to enter all the words in the correct sequence. You can store these phrases to recover the wallet funds in case of your device theft or if you forget your password.

5. On further proceeding, you will see your login ID, your password and payment pin (save this as well for future reference). So that if in case if you lost your smartphone or if you forget your password, You can retrieve the login details of your cloud token wallet from here.

6. Your Cloud Token wallet has successfully been created.

Transfer the Crypto Assets to Cloud Token Wallet:

1. If you already have a cryptocurrency, transfer the assets to your wallet you need to select from the given coins(ETH, USDT, BTC, LTC, BCH, TUSD, DOGE) and click on the desired currency say ETH. If not, you could buy on Luno

2. Now deposit the required number of tokens on the given address of ETH. After the required number of confirmations, your Ethereum (ETH) will show in your wallet. It could take up to 24 hours sometimes, so no panic if it does not reflect immediately.

Activate the Cloud Token Jarvis AI:

1. After receiving the required tokens ETH tokens in your wallet you need to activate the JARVIS AI from the project links to get you daily commissions.

2. For that, you have to click on the projects button/link which is available on the home page of the cloud token wallet app.

3. Then you will get the link/button of Jarvis AI. Click on the Jarvis AI.

4. You will redirect to next page, here you will see your deposited funds which was ETH in this case. For activating the Jarvis AI BOT click on max and then proceed.

5. After doing all the steps your funds are now with the Jarvis AI. Where it will trade with your funds to generate a monthly profit daily.

How to view daily returns

1. Re-open the app and, on the home, screen tap returns icon. It will display how much is rewarded you daily.

2. Note that this depends on the value of the cryptocurrency that is invested.


The referral Program. To make money via this, the investor must maintain nothing less than $500 worth of Cryptocurrency in their account.

It is always advisable to have an initial investment of $600. This is to cushion the fluctuation in prices of Cryptocurrencies so as not to go below $500.

Advantages of the referral program

  1. It is a uni-level program
  2. The investor earns 100% equivalent reward on the first 3 people referred. They are known as the first-level referrals. This means that if each first-level referrals earn $500 monthly, $1500 will be added to your account monthly.
  3. The investor earns 50% equivalent reward on the second-level referrals. These are the ones under the first level-referrals. This is to be a total of 9 people. If each person earns $500 monthly, $4500 will be added to your account.
  4. On Cloud Token, the referral earns up to 21-levels. From the third-level downward, the investor earns 5% on each person.

I hope this helps. I can’t wait to see you on board. Cheers!

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