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How Cloud Token Works With the innovative wallet Cloud token, which is based on the 4th generation blockchain technology (1st Gen. Bitcoin, 2nd Gen. Ethereum, 3rd Gen. EOS), remarkable profits are generated by the powerful high-frequency arbitrage bot called Jarvis AI.  This is intelligent software that makes simultaneous purchases and sales of cryptocurrencies using different […]

5 Cloud Token Compensation​ Plan

All commissions are being paid based on earnings of your partners. This type of commission is often called matching bonus. With every new active direct partner, a new level in your structure will be unlocked. If you recruit a certain number of direct partners coupled with a certain team volume, you will move up your rank and receive matching bonuses from infinite levels. […]

What is Cloud Token Wallet?

Cloud Token (Token CTO) is an electronic wallet that brings stable and sustainable income. Is Cloud Token (Token CTO) fraudulent? That is the question many people seek. If you are investing in many playgrounds, try to learn how to make money through this coin store. In this article, I will introduce to you what is […]

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