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App Features

Online Virtual Classroom

OLTega Live Virtual Classroom is FREE. It facilitates remote eduacation between school administrators and students

Learning Management

Course creation, marking, and learning path designs are a few of the 50+ features OL'Tega is adorned with for school growth.

Information Management

Traceable records like transfer of students, parent management, with over 20 modules are bundled in OL'Tega

Robust Reporting System

Alumni records are always available, with student, class, teacher, expense, and overall school reports.


We beleive students can earn while learning the reason for this rewards system for every valid contribution.

Resource Planning

The enterprise resource planning covers the nitty-gritty like transport management, online payment, SMS management and more.

OL'Tega Live Virtual Classroom is bundled with exclusive features

This module is bundled with exclusive rich 25+ features that makes a smoothens a remote live experience in learning. A few of these are listed here.

  • Create class, Join class, Share screen (entire screen, browser tab, application window)
  • 10.View full screen, live stream, recording, Share a YouTube video, Blur my background
  • Mobile app (Android and iOS), Mobile browser support (Latest Chrome and Firefox), etc.
  • Phone invite (upcoming), Raise hand to contribute, Live chat, Live transcription

The list is inexhaustive as more fatures are added to create a robust virtual learning environment. Class schedules are integrated into Google calendar. It creates a seemless classroom notifications for students, administrators, and teachers.

Enterprise Resource Planning across apps

This module is fully integrated across all schools. Inofrmation, learning, payment, marketing management apps in OL'Tega with over 30+ features.

The tranfer management module allows live tracking the academic life cycle of all students. A unique ID runs across all students on OL'Tega. Your smooth experience is our priority so we'd made sure all things run seemlessly.

What about student socializing learning environment? Bonding across schools is a neccesity. We created a community where learners can collaborately engage and managements can plan for inter-house sports, and other school activities.

School & Learning Management System mordern exclusive features

The 50+ features of this module is designed and developed to cater for learning and academic needs.

  • Flexible interactive UIs for a good learning expericnce.
  • Course managment with sections, assignments and social interactions.
  • Creating of class schedules and responsive video and text courses.
  • Creating of class schedules and responsive video and text courses.
  • Creating of class schedules and responsive video and text courses.
  • Creating of class schedules and responsive video and text courses.
  • Creating of class schedules and responsive video and text courses.

The inexhaustive list includes Social learning, assignment management, report management, student information system mamangement, course management, interactive and responsive learning , learning plan, Collaborative tools and activities, Wikis, Forums, etc

Earn while learning - OLTega Cryptocurrency

Our disposition to learning is the your participatory activities should be worthy of rewards, the reason for this module. Earn cash redeemable coins by participating.

We beleieve that education is worth it when it can afford us at least the basic necessities of life, and our learning, contribution deserves a reward no matter how big or small, the reason for the reward system.

  • Writing, solving math or engineering problems attracks a reward.
  • Contributing effectively to inproving the system gets rewarded.
  • All particpants are rewarded on merits for contributions..

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